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My location

Manual as pdf (only in German)
So that you always get the correct distance, you can determine yourself which your own location (called SPOT with us) is: e.g. your favourite place, your holiday flat / hotel or an event. Every SPOT can be selected. this will be stored in your holiday guide. The distance information to this location is automatically displayed. So you can already see at home how far it is from your holiday location to the individual destinations. In the alphabetical / by distance / on map area you also have the option of restricting the display of SPOTs for your location (e.g. radius 2 km). If you want to expand your activities (e.g. excursions), you can also select the display of the surrounding regions under REGIONS.

---------- Tips & Tricks ----------

Who we are - a small Owner's Manual

About us - The app is provided free of charge by an experienced team. Most of us live locally, others are big fans of the area. Let us, therefore, that you can experience an equally wonderful stay in this very special region .. Countless acquaintances, friends and contacts to help us with the daily work. We are continuously expanding the content of this app. Any questions? Then contact us. We are looking forward to your feedback!
stands for the list of organizations and companies in the region. As spot we call the individual location of a device. You will find everything: from the toilet, the parking lot, about eBike / eCar charging stations or ATMs, volunteer organizations, to artisans, hotels or restaurants. You can have a look through the search box (slot) from all areas the spots. Only spots appear where the term entered is stored in the label or in the query. Or search using the filters: after you have chosen a category (for example, Dining) click "Remove filter" and to decide the choice between other types (for example, Restaurant) and features (for example, regional).
Do you have a device that can detect the location (such as a smartphone), so the search results are displayed with distance measured. Distance in KM shows the distance between you and the respective operation. Otherwise, also in alphabetical order or on a regional map. The blue PIN on the card is your location. To hide the plants that are currently closed or have added that they are fully booked, so put a cross at "only available spots".
At the top of the search result are yellow marked items indicated as "Premium". These companies have chosen to be always listed first. Following all other establishments come. Back you coming over to click on a spot or by clicking on the category / strikethrough.
If you have opted for an entry, click on this and any further information on the profile page of the operation will be displayed: address, phone, website, link to a particular page (eg food card), opening times, partner companies (eg Restaurant in Hotel ), entries in review sites a short description and alternatives to this spot. By clicking on the contact information (if your machine is equipped for) a call set up, accessed the website or the respective map (click on the address). All distances in the alternative here is the distance to the selected spot. Once you have decided on the map, so your location blue PIN, the red PIN is the selected mode and the gray PINs is the alternatives listed below around the operation. Want to see how to get to your chosen spot, so please use the route function. In some cases, the contact information will be but hidden. In this case, the operation would make no contact information.
You can also use the route planner. Top right is a little bookmark (red) at each spot and event. Click on it, then this is spot on Vacation Planner (see Holiday Guide) deposited. The bookmark the red star will change to white. So you can see what places and events you want to attend. The use of the vacation planner works only when you log in. The stored information is then displayed holidays on all devices (PC, Smartphone, Pad), with which you use the same login. The deletion of an entry can be reached by clicking again on the bookmark or delete all entries in a vacation planner / favorites.
here you will find mainly current information from the region and presentation of farms. If the text is blue, it is a link and leads you to additional information. The tide calendar always displays the next tide (high or low tide). Click the tide calendar, so look for today and tomorrow at what time the next tide. Note particularly in mudflats safety advice.
You want to know what to do? Then you are right here. The events are always listed by date. You also have the possibility for a certain date to search. Enter in the text box in a keyword, so all events are listed by this term to date. Do you want to see only the highlights, just click the top right of all events and select highlights.
If they want to use the advanced search, just click on "Select Filter". An overview of types (for example, sports) and features (for example, * Child Health) is available to search.
Click on the event you are interested. You see here then the most important information on the event and can be directly on "more info" or "registration required" Contact the seller to.
You can also use the route planner. Top right is a little bookmark (red). Click on it, so this event is stored in the holiday planner (Holiday Guide). The use of the vacation planner works only when you log in. The stored information is then displayed holidays on all devices (PC, Smartphone, Pad), with which you use the same login. The deletion of an entry can be reached by clicking "Remove all favorites" again on the bookmark or vacation planner / favorites.
If you want to use your holiday planner or get tips for dealing with this app, general information about public transport, Tide the community or general information about the relationship with nature, then you will find rest.
the direct line to us!
Vacation Guide:
Already in the preparation for your vacation you can hold here, to which events you want to go, or which restaurants, shops or attractions you want to visit. Both as a list or on a map overview are available then your chosen events or places available. And so that you also have available if you do not have smartphone available, you can print it out too.

Tipps for

Here is a little help , so that you get the best support for their trip to the North Sea. Some optimizations we have scheduled for the next time. But if you have ideas or suggestions, please send them to us. We consider like whether we can integrate them.
Alphabet / by distance / Map-only available spots/only with coupons - You have the option to list the sites alphabetically or by distance. The distance from your location is then always displayed. Or, check out the locations of the spots and your on the main map. If you only available spots looking (as available rentals), as set below the criteria for listing a hook.
Print - Print (top right) you off your holiday guide or your search results Just
devices / platforms - runs on all devices (phone or pad) with the operating system Android (Google) or iOS (Apple), as well as on all browsers (DeskTop PCs). For all Smartphone and Pads Apps are available in the stores. If even no app can be used, as can also be used on any smartphone or pad the browser version. This is under, or www.guide2info / Buesum available.
distance - The distance are blue and yellow. The distance measured in BLUE is the distance from your location to the spot. The distance measured in YELLOW is the removal of the "Part of the spots" to the search result.
Events - In addition to the description, the date, the cost or the venue can be found next to the headline to link to the event page of the organizer. Or, click the organizer. Then you have all the contact information for organizers available.
Events - "Highlights" - If you want to see which highlights it so over the year are, go to Events. Top right, you can switch between "All Events" and "Highlights".
Vacation Guide - This can be used only if you are logged
Vacation Guide use of all devices - Login and use your holiday guide from all devices where you are logged
Travel and Vacation Planner - Lie favorites of your events, accommodations locations or selected restaurants at. In Holiday Guide you can easily clearly see what places are of particular interest.
Regions / manage regions Here you have the possibility to expand your search further regions. On the homepage (overview page SPOT) you will find the term "regions" in the upper left corner. Under this the respective neighboring regions are available. You can also use the "Manage Regions" in the holiday guide.
Sponsor / Premium - SPONSOR designates the entries that have been set on the basis of a commercial contract. Entries with the addition PREMIUM are entries that are listed in first place of the search results. For these items, an additional fee is paid.
Spot's - Views - spot is available for all establishments, attractions, institutions u.v.a.m. You will find the right spot by checking with the map (top right map), where which plants can be found either on the alphabetical search (top right) or. Here the plants are always displayed, you previously (alphabetically) picked out. The display after removal only works on a smartphone, if you enable location detection. If you tick the box "Only available spots", all are hidden spots that are currently closed or fully booked.
Spot's - Search You know the term, the name or part of it: then just go to spot or events, enter the letters and immediately displays all Spot's or events displayed containing these letters. Or are you looking for with the help of filters. Then click on the category (for example, Dining) and come to all catering establishments. Also there you can start a full text search. Click on the restaurant and then in Frisian: you get all the restaurants who Frisian specialties in your program. The top selection (dark blue) can often be clicked. This also applies to the lower range (light blue). Click repeatedly on the terms (for example, restaurant, bistro) so all the facilities are displayed with this classification. The lower range (for example, friesian, accessible) limits the selection (restaurant / bistro) one then.
Waether and tide calendars - Under "News" and "Special" for the waether and the tide always for today and the next day. To know when tide / low tide and swim best, watts walking or can walk. Clicking the Tide of today and you can see at what times subsequent tide is coming. Pay attention to the warnings on the coast. The weather can change very quickly.

Your personal holiday planner

Manual as pdf (only in German)
Planning your trip to the Dithmarscher or North Frisian North Sea coast with our app very easy. Leave p.e. your events, Overnights, selected restaurants, as well as Wi-Fi access or barrier-free toilets holiday guide. By clicking on the little red flag up right at the particular event or the SPOT you can remember events or places. You will then have the opportunity to let these places be displayed as a list or on a map. No matter what device you use, if you have logged in this information are always available.


Manual as pdf (only in German)
Our SPOT offers in a variety of ways coupons. So you then discounted food and drinks, a free gift or higher discounts (nights for a special price) are available. To use this, you must enter the coupon in your holiday guide. One time registration (only e-mail and password) creates the conditions. There you will find all events, SPOT or coupons that you wanted to remember. No matter what device you have favorites saved on vacation guide, there you have all the favorites on all devices where you are logged in with the same registration available.
Follow these proceed:
1. Pick the coupon , you want to reserve for itself liked. Either about
    a) SPOT / category (for example, Dining) and klick by distance / only with coupons. Or go on
    b) SPOT/Coupons and search (for example, via the filter) by which that appeal to you.
Specifically coupon you can see what you exactly we offer, from when to when it is valid and how many coupons are still available.
2. Click "Save coupon" link and this is stored in the holiday guide. Have you already reserved a coupon, then the coupon is marked with "In Break Guide". Another (same) Coupon You can only define itself when the previous coupon was redeemed
3. If you then the Redeem your voucher want to show you the stored holiday Guide coupon on your smartphone before:
    a) click Coupon Guide on holiday and this appears large.
    b) or the SPOT must then "redeemed" click, or
    c) if you are on vacation do not have a smart phone to hand, please print out the coupon and give it off. The SPOT then ensures that it is activated.
We hope you enjoy collecting Coupon

SHARE: Recommend an event or SPOT friends

Manual as pdf (only in German)
Who would not want to know also of the finer things in life and friends. Therefore there is any event or SPOT to parts or to Liken. A short mail (share) to friends and also know where the action is on the weekend, or which are SPOT (restaurant, shops, accommodations u.v.a.m.) of particular interest. Or share by Facebook or Twitter. Even so find your friends where it is worth to go.
Each event or SPOT has above a small flag (share), which allows you to decide how you want to tell your friends.

My favorites - what I wanted to remember

Manual as pdf (only in German)
One finds something interesting (an event, a restaurant or ...) and has unfortunately no pencil to make the note. What is closer to it than to memorize great thing in the app. In the holiday guide you have the possibility to note all the SPOTs and events that you want to visit in the near future. And if it is really good, you can also share it with the friends (mail, Twitter, Facebook).
For the events and SPOTs, you will always find a red bookmark in the upper right corner. If you tap on it, it slides down and you have the possibility to remember this entry by clicking on the star and to deposit it in the holiday guide. The entry is then stored indefinitely in your vacation guide. Even if the date has long elapsed, all information is still available to you.
Please note: In order to use this service, you must register and sign in once. When registering, a name and an email address are required. You will receive a confirmation request (required by law) after registration at this e-mail address.
After registering, you can log on to any number of devices (PC, Pad, Smartphone, etc.) using your e-mail and a password you specify. You will then always have all the notes on the holiday available.

My vacation guide - what I have everything so planned

Manual as pdf (only in German)
One finds something interesting (an event, a restaurant or ...) and has unfortunately no pencil to make the note. What is closer to it, as great thing in the app to remember. The UrlaubsGuide highlights all SPOTs and events that you want to visit in the near future. And when it really crashes, you can share it with your friends (mail, Twitter, Facebook). All information is then available with the same login on all terminals.
Holiday guide or holiday planner helps you to have all interesting things (events, spots, coupons) always at hand during the holiday. Surfing before your holidays, you will find the most attractive events or the places you like best. Remember these SPOTs / Events with the help of the bookmark (in each SPOT / event top right / red).
Here you have your favorites as list or on the map at a glance what coupons you have reserved, when and where your events take place (green pin), which SPOTs are important for you (red pin) and where you are (blue pin) . If you click on the relevant heading, you will come directly to the respective area (events, spots, coupons).
To be able to use the holiday guide, you must register and log in once. You can then use the holiday guide on all terminals you have logged in to. All entries are synchronized across platforms.
If you want to take advantage of offers from neighboring regions, you can select further regions for your search under "Manage regions" or directly load the app of the neighboring region.
Please note: The use of the HolidayGuide requires a registration and sign in.


In your holiday destination, you find that interesting things happen in the neighboring region. In order to be informed about this, the functionality "Regions" is also available. If you are on the SPOT overview page, at the events or in your holiday guide, you can select the neighboring regions. Then you have an overview of all the offers of the selected regions at once. You also have the possibility to download directly the APP of the neighboring region.

Since we do not set cookies here, the setting is not maintained permanently.

List of existing APPs / Web pages

Overview of existing websites

Portal / APP URL short-Link
BUESUMspontan bü

I can not load the APP!

Unfortunately, this can happen. Mostly when the operating system version of your smartphone is a little older. They are then redirected to a specific web page. The features provided by us (eg Freitextsuche, map use, picture gallery, multilingual, vacation guide, ticker, u.v.a.v.a.) are fully supported in the app only from the operating system versions (Android from 4.4; iOS from 8.4). On the website (also on the smartphone) there is no restriction.

So if your smartphone does not support the installation of the APPs, use the "APP" without restriction on the website on your smartphone via a browser:
  • Start the browser on your smartphone. Enter as the URL
  • You will find an overview page of our regional platforms (BÜSUMspontan, Tönning-App, SPOtEiderstedt)
  • Select the platform you are interested in
  • Save the homepage as a link on your smartphone
Or you can directly enter the URL in the browser
  • Büsum:
  • Dagebuell:
  • Eiderstedt:
  • Leck:
  • Niebuell:
  • St. Peter-Ording:
  • Tönning:

---------- Notes for SPOTs ----------

Details of your company, facility or attraction

We are pleased if you send us your latest information. We would like to add your data. If you deem it more appropriate, to use the data from your existing homepage (especially the detailed description), we would like to do it with your permission. Further we would like to send you a questionnaire, where you can see the information that is in the system regarding your company.


Our conditions for cooperation partners (hereinafter referred to as SPOT)
Basic: free base entry
All SPOTs with an economic character. Contact details will not be issued. The entry is also not displayed in the "In the environment" (further references to similar SPOTs).

SPOTs with an economic character. The contact details and further information on SPOT are presented without engagement, even as an alternative to other SPOTs. The settlement can be made as a flat rate or as a single statement for each contact.
(e.g. Restaurants, hotels, holiday flats, shops, artisan

PremiumS: free premium entry
SPOTs without an economic character. Revenue from activities (e.g. events, sales) are not achieved (e.g. Fire brigade, dog food, hotspots, clubs, offices, tourist information

Please get information and our list of conditions:

Advertising measures

Not only do you get qualified contacts through the app, you can still achieve more. We have prepared for you particularly attractive advertising measures that will help you further customers:

  • Ticker - always visible first
  • Coupons - who is not interested in a bargain
  • Listing in the Top10 - what you should have done / what you can do with children / what catering is particularly recommended.
  • Set your own events (eg open day, green cabbage, game days)
  • As a recommended operation is to be mentioned at the events (for example biike-burning) - it is not easy to reach the interested audience
  • News from your home - who does not even have something interesting to report
  • Breakfast (print), is designed for over 30 highly frequented SPOTs (shops, hotels, filling stations, bakers, etc.). And you can draw attention to yourself through an advertisement, a company contribution, ...
  • Newspaper of the House - if desired, we will print the breakfast with your head for you. Then you can distribute them in the name of your home
  • Banner Advertising - only in the browser, not in the APPs

  • In some cases, if you have booked a FlatRate, you will get these additional possibilities free of charge as part of your cooperation agreement. And if you are interested, we will gladly provide you with the complimentary breakfast for your guests. We distribute this on more than 100 days a year.

    If you are interested, please contact us
    Tel .: +49 4863 998969-0, E-Mail:

    EditingTool - Maintain all data yourself, always be up-to-date!

    Manual as pdf (only in German)
    The editorial tool is available to all customers (SPOT) who have an active entry at Guide2. With the help of the web-based tool, our customers can maintain their own data free of charge, supplement new data (eg coupons, news or events), view the statistics or the contract data, delete and upload pictures, and much more The contract.
    To ensure that your events are also available for your further use, you can download your events as an ics calendar. This calendar format can be used in almost all calendars (for example, Outlook, Google). Select the dates you want to use, press "Export (.ics)", save the file and upload it to your calendar or web.

    We are at your disposal for any questions. If you do not have the time to maintain the data, we will gladly take over this task.

    Digital guest folder and location link for the guest

    Manual as pdf (only in German)
    So that your guests always have the current event dates and relevant SPOTs (mailboxes, toilets, restaurants, shops and much more) at their disposal, you can provide the digital guest folder for your guest. You send him a location information and the digital guest folder shows how far away it is from his location (e.g. your holiday flat). Otherwise it is always assumed that the location - and thus the distance to the respective SPOTS - is determined via the GPS integrated in the smartphone.

    Added value button - access information directly from your website

    Manual as pdf (only in German)
    A lot of general information - from the tides & weather, events or their events, to your SPOT or your offers & coupons - is available on the respective regional portals. In order for you to be able to use this information neutrally, we provide buttons for your website. If you integrate this information on your website, your customers will also have access to this information. In this way you offer your customers added value and topicality. This way you can reach more people interested in your website.
    see also:

    Event calendar - for all and for me!

    Manual as pdf (only in German)
    Through the editorial tool, each SPOT has the possibility to make its events available to the public. With just a few simple steps you can enter your own events. With the help of your access data, you open your profile and get started. To ensure that your events are also available for your further use, you can download your events as an ics calendar. This calendar format is almost usable in all calendars (for example, Outlook, Google). Select the dates you want to use, press "Export (.ics)", save the file and upload it to your calendar or web.
    We are at your disposal for any questions. If you do not have the time to maintain the data yourself, we will gladly take over this task.
    Access / login

    EditingTool - Use your own calendar with Google-calender!

    Manual as pdf (only in German)
    You can also use the calendar from the editing tool in Outlook or Google. To do this, you need to download the calendar for Outlook, for Google integrate the link in your homepage. Then you will always have all the dates available.
    We are at your disposal for any questions. If you do not have the time to maintain the data yourself, we will gladly take over this task.
    Access / login

    Pattern of a SPOT

    Manual as pdf (only in German)
    In order to see what information can be displayed by you, we have stored the sample page SPOT:

    • Type of entries:
    • Premium: Full details
    • Basic: free of charge, no mention of the contact data, no mention of "In the environment"

    • Features:
    • Favorites for the holiday guide (SPOTs and Events)
    • Share (Email, Twitter & Facebook)

    • Notes in the entry:
    • Business name of SPOT
    • Category /Type /Features & Keywords
    • Image Gallery
    • Pictograms
    • Contact details (MAP, Call, Mail, SMS, Web, Coupons)
    • Opening times
    • Closed /Busy
    • Referenced SPOTs
    • Description of the SPOT (text)
    • Valuation portals (Facebook, Google, Yelp & TripAdvisor)
    • Identify up to 5 alternative SPOTs in the environment

    Overview Functions (alphabetical)

    Manual as pdf (only in German)
    Many terms, many functions, since you lose easy times the overview. In order to provide you with an overview of the various aspects, we have provided a list of all functions and terms.

    Contact person on site

    Please contact us or our regional sales partners:

  • Büsum: Kluewerbung, Mrs. Meike Kluewer, Trischenweg 12, 25761 Büsum,
    Phone: +49 4834 96048-0, E-Mail:
  • Dagebüll: HGV-Dagebüll, Mr. Gerhard Neumann, 25899 Dagebüll,
    Phone: +49 4661 98088-13, E-Mail:
  • Hallig Hooge: Touristik- und Gemeindebüro Hooge, Mr. Erco Lars Jacobsen, 25859 Hallig Hooge,
    Tel.: +49 4849 9100, E-Mail:
  • Husum: dieWerbeagentur, Mr. Kilian Ivers, Am Schulwald 9, 25813 Husum,
    Tel.: +49 4863 998969-0, E-Mail:
  • Leck: HGV-Leck, Mrs. Anja Neumann, Marktstr. 7-9, 25917 Leck,
    Phone: +49 4662 8110, E-Mail:
  • Niebüll: HGV-Niebüll, Mr. Daniel Bruchhardt, Hauptstrasse 38, 25899 Niebüll,
    Phone: +49 4863 998969-0, E-Mail:
  • St. Peter-Ording & Eiderstedt: Guide2 GmbH, Mrs. Tanja Weinekötter, Norderweg 32, 25836 Garding,
    Tel.: +49 4863 998969-0, E-Mail:
  • Tönning: Guide2 GmbH, Mrs. Tanja Weinekötter, Norderweg 32, 25836 Garding,
    Phone: +49 4863 998969-0, E-Mail:

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