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One for Everything, Everything in One

The regional crossover APPs of the West Coast  

Welcome to the Internet presence of the Guide2 GmbH  
Here you can:
  • find information about the regions of the west coast of Schleswig-Holstein and
  • download the matching apps on your smartphone or tablet (operating system of your smartphone: Android > 4.3, iOS > 8.3) or the web page

The idea behind the apps is obvious: Today most people have a smartphone. You do not want to go to a PC to find the information you are looking for. If a spontaneous coffee-break or if you want to know what is happening (events), the fast search on the smartphone is enough in the app or web page, which is reduced to a lot of information. Immediately, suitable places, accommodations, leisure facilities, cultural facilities and many useful things (such as WLAN locations, public toilets, etc.) as well as the current events in the area are displayed with the distance to the destination.

There is also something like a holiday planner: If you want to prepare your holiday in the office, simply browse through the offers. What he particularly interests, whether events, hotels or recreational parks (etc), he saves in the holiday guide. The stored information is available at all times with contact possibilities on all terminals. Registration is simple: any name and e-mail that is legally required to confirm the registration.

The apps and the websites as well as the information about the respective region are constantly updated. As a visitor or a local you can get valuable information about the region completely free of charge - just try it out. Not only is the information available in the respective region available, but you can easily and quickly select the neighboring regions from which you would like to receive additional information.

On the apps and websites you can also use coupons, for example for a reduced entry, a free cup of coffee and much more. Easy to secure and redeem on the spot. Or simply browse through the online shops that some of the merchants on our apps and websites offer!

However, the apps and websites are also aimed at professionals in our region: the presence as a hotel, as accommodation, as a restaurant, as a leisure facility, etc. on the APP and the website increases the perceptibility of the potential customers. As a trader, they benefit from a synergy effect. Already looking for accommodation, will also search for restaurants, leisure facilities, etc. without having to change the application.

Digitization has also increased considerably in hotels, restaurants, online trade, etc. The Society for Consumer Research is forecasting a further doubling by 2025. Particularly in rural areas, there is a considerable need for online trade because of the often greater geographical distances to specialist shops. However, this requirement has so far been met almost exclusively by multinational companies. Our apps and websites, however, are from the region and for the region. You can build your own electronic shop or integrate an existing shop. You can also use sales promotion measures such as Coupons.

Our sales, technology and content team is here and at home. From the region, for the region.

If you are missing information - please do not hesitate to contact us:
Tel .: +49 4863 998969-0; E-mail:

This also applies, of course, if you are a trader and want to be our premium partner. Learn more about how to get qualified contacts. With us, there are no hidden costs, no extra charges or packages. You decide your budget yourself and pay only when we bring performance to you. Cost-effective, predictable and transparent.

Please contact us or our regional sales partners:

  • BUESUMspontan: Meike Kluewer, Kluewerbung, Trischenweg 12, 25761 Buesum,
    phone: +49 4834 96048-0, e-mail:
  • DAGEBUELLinfo: HGV-Dagebuell, Gerd Neumann, Nordseestrasse 2 - 4, 25899 Dagebuell,
    phone: +49 4661 98088-13, e-mail:
  • HOOGEinfo: Tourist office Hallig Hooge, Erco Lars Jacobsen, Hanswarft 1, 25859 Hallig Hooge,
    phone: +49 4849 9100, e-mail:
  • HUSUMinfo: dieWerbeagentur, Kilian Ivers, Am Schulwald 9, 25813 Husum
    Tel.: +49 4863 998969-0, E-Mail:
  • LECKinfo: HGV-Leck, Anja Neumann, Hauptstr. 31, 25917 Leck,
    phone: +49 4662 775000, e-mail:
  • NIEBUELLinfo: HGV-Niebuell, Daniel Bruchhardt, 25899 Niebüll,
    phone: +49 4863 998969-0, e-mail:
  • ST. PETER-ORDING & EIDERSTEDT: Guide2 GmbH, Dr. G. Michael Faltis, Kleiweg 1, 25881 Tating,
    phone: +49 4863 998969-0, e-mail:
  • TÖNNINGinfo: Guide2 GmbH, Tanja Weinekötter, 25836 Garding,
    phone: +49 4863 998969-0, e-mail:

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